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Social Experiment: Do You Marry for Love or Money and Beauty

There’s a dating site that is taking a social experiment on the values of men and women. Only rich men and beautiful women apply.

Staring Death in the Face – My Uncle’s Funeral Experience

I looked death in the face and survived. Or maybe to be more accurate, death stared me in the face.

Girlfriend Competition – When Pretty and Nice isn’t Enough

My girlfriends make me feel small. I feel like the loser of the group. It’s a race to poverty when I hang around them.

Is It Really Better To Know The Ending Before The Beginning?

I walked by a psychic today and took a peak through her open window. I think she was expecting me because she looked back at me and smiled.

Guy Advice: Ladies, NEVER Do this After a First Date

A guy’s perspective – things a woman should never do after a first date.

My First Time in a NYC Gay Bar

You never forget the first time you walk into a gay bar. Regardless of whether you are gay or straight, it’s an eye-opening experience.

5 Ways to End a Bad Date without Hurting Feelings

Anyone who has ever experienced a blind date knows the feeling. You want to leave now, but you don’t know-how.

What Does a Woman’s Bra Color Say to Men?

“You can tell even more by the bra a woman wears,” he said. “The color she picks tells you what she wants, especially when she knows it will be seen.”

BK Advice: A Look into Why Men do Stupid Things

By Jon Davis I don’t know exactly why men do stupid things sooner or later. When we get caught, we rarely have a reason for our senseless behavior. In my opinion, that’s how women were able to survive the caveman era. Men are physically stronger than women, and to level the playing field, God made…

Best Places to go on a First Date

Location is crucial for every first date. You have to strike the perfect balance between intimacy and spontaneity.