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What Does a Woman’s Bra Color Say to Men?

“You can tell even more by the bra a woman wears,” he said. “The color she picks tells you what she wants, especially when she knows it will be seen.”

BK Advice: A Look into Why Men do Stupid Things

By Jon Davis I don’t know exactly why men do stupid things sooner or later. When we get caught, we rarely have a reason for our senseless behavior. In my opinion, that’s how women were able to survive the caveman era. Men are physically stronger than women, and to level the playing field, God made…

Best Places to go on a First Date

Location is crucial for every first date. You have to strike the perfect balance between intimacy and spontaneity.

Guy Advice: Ladies, NEVER Do this After a First Date

A guy’s perspective – things a woman should never do after a first date.

How Men and Women Select and Choose Bars Differently

Men and women think differently on everything and that includes choices for drinking. When it comes to bars, women look for aesthetics – like lighting and décor. Guys look for convenience.

What your Sunglasses say to Women – Fashion Advice

The mouth may lie to you, but the eyes will always speak the truth. What do your sunglasses say to women?

What She’s Really Saying… A Guide

Remember on Gilligan’s Island when little Gilligan stumbled upon a seed that allowed him to read everyone’s mind? It made Gilligan’s life easier, until he discovered all the castaways thought he was a buffoon. I’m going to give you that seed. It’s a seed that will allow most men to read the mind of most…

A Single New Yorker’s Guide to Navigating the World of Texting

by Pierre Travis What do you do if you’re a single New Yorker navigating the world of texting? Check out this guide. Leanne Vuksanik is the girl every guy at the bar wants to date. Her penetrating blue eyes can make any guy nervous as she leans over the bar and asks in her flirtatious…

Is It Really Better To Know The Ending Before The Beginning?

I walked by a psychic today and took a peak through her open window. I think she was expecting me because she looked back at me and smiled.

Best Outdoor Dating Spot – Highline Park

If you want to impress a date with romance, the High Line has to be at the top of your list. Here’s why this secret date spot will impress.