How Men and Women Select and Choose Bars Differently

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  • March 20, 2024
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By Scott Hyatt

It’s a complaint I frequently hear women in Brooklyn voice.

“All the bars are filled with women.”

From my guy’s point-of-view, the bars are always filled with men, so I’m not sure where they’re going.

Which leads to the inevitable question from women: How are you choosing a bar to go to?

How Men and Women Choose Bars Differently

Men and women think differently on everything and that includes choices for drinking. When it comes to bars, women look for aesthetics – like lighting and décor. Guys look for convenience.

Or as my female friend says, “I look for pretty décor. Nice chairs, good couches. Not too crowded. I want open space.” No guy will ever notice what the chairs look like.

Single guys look for crowded bars because we believe inside that the more people in the bar, the better chances we have of hooking up with a girl. We look for loud spots because we assume that means people are having more fun. We usually pick bars that have stools, not couches.

I went on a date last Friday night after work, and like every single guy, I searched for the bar at the last minute. I found a spot in Williamsburg that was conveniently located to both of us. Even New York Magazine called it a “critic’s choice,” so I assumed I couldn’t go wrong with this spot.

But when I arrived, I realized New York Magazine lied to me.

The bar was packed with guys. I’m not good at math, but I’d say 90 percent of the place was filled with dudes and 80 percent testosterone.

When my date showed up, we both laughed at how I picked a frat bar for us to meet.

I couldn’t understand how could this happen. It was exactly opposite from what all of my female friends say. Again, I ended up in a bar that was all dudes.

Then it hit me.

What Guys Look for in a Bar

This bar was packed with people, there were tvs on the wall, the bar had cheap happy hour specials, the bartenders were all women and cute, wearing tight t-shirts. You couldn’t hold a conversation here. It was an easy place to find and from the street it looked like everyone inside was having fun.

That is what guys look for in a bar. We may not realize it but that is what we ultimately find after following our subconscious.

If any of my female friends walked into this bar, they would have turned around and walked right outside because the place was – packed, loud and cramped – everything they hate.

Women also would have missed out on enjoying a drink, surrounded by men who were desperately searching for the X chromosome.

So if you’re a single female, looking for a bar to meet guys – quit being so judgmental. Be a guy for a minute.

Go to a bar that is convenient and loud. Look for beer specials and you will find two guys at the bar, competing for a beer. Sure, you may have to scream a little to be heard over the TVs, but at least you will be in a bar that isn’t all women