Brooklyn Chatter Reaches new Traffic Milestone

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Feb. 15, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — At a time when many news organizations are losing consumer traffic, the online news portal, Brooklyn Chatter, has announced it has reached a new traffic milestone year-over-year and month-over-month.

Brooklyn Chatter is the urban guidebook to City living. It creates original content around unique news stories, honest confessions and advice columns from large urban areas. The forward-thinking content is relatable to everyone, regardless of where they live.

“Our content is timeless and relevant. We are publishing journal entries and confession pieces from real New Yorkers who want to express themselves. It’s a bit of voyeurism and therapy for both readers and writers,” Jon Davis, editor of Brooklyn ChatterPost this

Google analytics projects Brooklyn Chatter will surpass 75,000 unique monthly unique visitors in February 2024. This represents an 85 percent jump in traffic year-over-year.

Jon Davis, the editor of Brooklyn Chatter, credits the unique articles and voices that resonate with today’s younger generations.

“Our content is timeless and relevant,” said Davis. “We are publishing journal entries and confession pieces from real New Yorkers who want to express themselves. It’s a bit of voyeurism and therapy for both readers and writers.”

Davis says Brooklyn Chatter does accept submissions from readers but is selective with what they publish. Some of the more popular articles have revolved around finding life’s purpose and the desire to connect with others.

“Our section on BK Voices goes deeper into how many people feel when facing death, losing love or even feeling insecure about how we look,” said Davis. “One female writer opened up about seeing a plastic surgeon and therapist and her desire to change her body’s appearance. Another single guy wrote about the first time he accidentally walked into a gay bar. And what he felt. These are real stories from urban living.”

Brooklyn Chatter doesn’t release its demographics but Davis says the majority of its traffic targets Gen. Z with topics ranging from relationshipsdatingfashion and real estate.

Brooklyn Chatter was created by journalist Mark Macias who spent a career in news. Macias was Executive Producer and Senior Producer with NBC and CBS in New York, where he led editorial for the Special Projects unit. He was also a New York-based writer for the British men’s magazine, Avantoure.

He now runs the NYC-based public relations agency, MACIAS PR, which has run publicity and branding campaigns for all kinds of companies. City & State Magazine recently named Macias to their 2024 Top Political PR Power list in New York.

“It’s great to see this organic growth and the unique story angles Brooklyn Chatter is publishing,” said Macias. “This online portal doesn’t have a big budget or large editorial board, yet Brooklyn Chatter keeps pushing out interesting content. And that’s why their traffic keeps growing. If you give readers something interesting and new, they will come back for more.”

Davis encourages readers and publicists to share their unique stories with Brooklyn Chatter. If it’s a good idea and written well, Davis says Brooklyn Chatter will publish it.

“If we’re bored with the writing or the idea is old, we’re not going to find it interesting just like everyone else,” said Davis. “But if the angle is unique and told through a personal perspective, you might have something. Pitch us and if it’s good, we’ll share the story with others.”