Top 10 Conversation Starters – Woman’s POV

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  • February 12, 2024
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By Stacy Liberatore

The difference between a stud and a dud begins and ends with conversation. You can be a good looking guy but if you only know how to grunt, women will lose interest quickly – unless of course you look like Brad Pitt. Here are some conversation tips, from a woman’s POV.

Surprisingly, engaging in a conversation or even just keeping up is not difficult. It is an acquired skill that any guy or girl can apply in even the most doldrums of situations.

Here is a top-10 list of conversation starters to keep your next date flowing freely. These conversation starters are universal and can help you navigate through networking events or even your next blind date.

Have you ever been on a horrible date before?

This question has the potential for laughs and revelation. It allows the other person to feel comfortable since you felt comfortable enough to ask it. It’s also a way to reveal a funny story about yourself.  A good laugh never hurt anyone.

What’s on your bucket list?

Every person has dreams, regardless of where we stand. What are your dreams and where do you want to be? How are you trying to accomplish those dreams? This question reveals a lot about a person’s character and drive. With this question you will be able to tell if your date is exciting and adventurous, or just plain boring.

What’s your favorite drink?

Did you know you can tell a lot by a woman or man by the drink they order at a bar? A drink with tequila suggests the person has a wild streak. A merlot suggests she is a low energy soul, while a beer suggests she is laid back. If someone orders a gin and tonic, you can assume he approaches life with a kick. Want to learn more about this? Click here to read what a drink says about a woman and start applying it at your next date.

Did you hear…?

Here is yet another reason to stay on top of current events. They are great conversation starters, but just make sure you don’t turn into a policy wonk. Discuss topics that everyone would know about.  And make sure you stay away from the weather. A wise person discusses things that influence the world. The shallow person discusses the weather.

What is your favorite movie and what music do you listen to?

This might sound like a shallow move but it allows you each to discuss something that holds a place in your heart. Usually, movies move us because they inspire a part of our life. Once the person reveals his or her favorite movie, ask him what makes the movie so special? If you listen closely, you will learn what motivates him. If you really want to step on the ledge, try analyzing what his choice in movies reveals.

How was your day?

This is an easy question that appears shallow, but it shows your date that you are interested in him or her right off the bat.  Even if you’re not too interested in how their day went, just smile and nod. This conversation usually doesn’t last too long.

What do you like to do in your free time?

This question will take a lot of time to answer, which moves you farther away from the chirping of crickets. Here you can break out your detective skills; you’ll learn a lot about your date and can find out ideas for the second get together.

How is your job?

This is the quintessential New York question. Everyone wants to know what you do so they can assess you. Everyone likes to brag about successes, but don’t go into too much detail. Not everyone loves his job. If you discern any disappointment with work, move onto another question quickly.

What’s your earliest childhood memory?

This is a difficult conversation starter to introduce. You don’t want to sound like a child therapist. You can ease into this question by revealing your own funny childhood story then ask what is your date’s favorite memory.

What’s your family like?

The whole reason you’re out with this person is to get to know them and family is usually a big part of most people. By asking this question, you are also showing what has importance to you.

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