Single in Brooklyn: Advice on How to Score at the Sports Bar

By Logan Davis

It doesn’t matter if you are a Jets or Giants fan, everyone wants to score in the bars on football Sunday. And for women, the odds have never been more in your favor. Here is some advice on how to score at the sports bar. 

Advice #1. Quick walking around and plant some roots.

My friends and I watched several cute women in the sports bar on Sunday but they never gave the guys enough time to tackle them. It’s like they were in a rush to get to the next place. We get it, we live in the city, but when you’re at a sports bar watching football, things should change. Grab a stool and sit down with a beer. Chill, relax. Give the dork in the corner a little bit of time to figure out what he is going to say when he approaches you. Trust us – guys don’t like moving targets.

Advice #2. Always have a play option available at any notice.

I like to call this the “fodder” moment. If you’re a girl and you see a guy at the bar, you’re right, he should talk to you. But if you happen to be sitting next to a guy you like at the bar and he’s not talking to you, try warming him up with your own playbook. Ask him some simple questions, like “who are you rooting for?” You’ll be surprised how far that will take you, maybe to the end zone.

Advice #3. Don’t sit behind the tackles.

In football, we need tackles to protect the quarterback. In our game, you are the quarterback and you want to be sacked by several players from the opposite team. That means you need to get rid of your offensive line. Don’t sit at a table when you go to a sports bar. Sit at the bar with the commoners. Why is it that Brooklyn women always want to sit behind a table? Think about it. Do you know a guy who is going to walk up to you and lean OVER a table and ask you how the game is going? No.

Advice #4. Wear a retro uniform.

Let’s break this down into simple terms. Guys at the bar are pretty high on testosterone, so you better give him something that releases that energy. A tight retro t-shirt will help. My group of guy friends spent an entire quarter admiring the gorgeous woman across the bar, wearing a retrofitted Jets t-shirt. She looked cool, hip and she didn’t look like she was trying. This girl in the retro t-shirt stood out from her competitors. If you’re at a crowded bar, you need to stand out and a retro t-shirt supporting your favorite team will help you get noticed.

Advice #5. Look natural.

If you see a guy at the bar wearing a hat, he probably didn’t want to bother combing his hair. Next time you’re at a sports bar watching a game, take a look at the guys. Are they dressed up? No, they are wearing the bare minimum that will get them out the door. We don’t want a high-maintenance woman at the bar who is going to make us feel under-dressed. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look hot and comb your hair. But put it in a ponytail, and make it look like you just rolled out of bed, even if it took you an hour to do it. And if you wear make-up, don’t let us see it.

Advice #6. Don’t be afraid to wave.

So I saw a cute girl at the bar on Sunday and unfortunately for her, I didn’t notice her until she was on her way out. We made eye contact and smiled as she approached the exit. Then she made my day. She smiled and waved at me. Did I get a number? No, but I promise you if I go to that same bar next week and she is there, I will approach her. I’m sure that little wave and my puppy-eyed expression boosted her confidence for the next bar she went to. There’s something about a flirtatious wave at the bar that will get a crowd riled up. Try it.

Advice #7. If you’re in a pack of girls, split up.

Most guys can’t tackle four or five women at once, even though all of us would like to try it. If you’re with a large number of girls, grab your best wing woman and move to a different section of the bar. You don’t have to reveal the playbook to your other girlfriends. Just tell them you are going to watch a different TV because you like that team better. If they start to follow, you may need to pull an audible.

Finally, if you have to bend down to pick up your purse, beer, or anything off the floor. Do it with confidence. At a sports bar in NYC with a bunch of drunks, some guy will inevitably want to check out your ass. It’s okay. Be proud. Pick up that purse like it’s a loose football and use it to score.

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