5 Ways to End a Bad Date without Hurting Feelings

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  • July 24, 2023
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By Marlene Garzona

Anyone who has ever experienced a blind date knows the feeling. You want to leave now, but you don’t know-how. The chemistry isn’t there, she doesn’t look the part, he doesn’t walk the talk.

But how do you end the date without hurting the other person’s feelings. That’s the delicate balance. Here are some tips to help any guy or girl get out of #firstdatefail.

Set a Time Limit

Managing expectations are crucial when it comes to getting out of a bad date. If he thinks that you already have plans, then even if it’s a bad date, he won’t read into your desire to want to end the night after one drink. The best time to set a time limit is before you meet.

Give him a practical excuse, like you have friends in town from Montreal and you need to meet up with them. Whatever you do, don’t make up an excuse after you meet in person because it will be obvious you are trying to end the date.

These are bad lines you should never use: “I can only stay an hour, I completely forgot that I promised my friend I would skype with her at [insert time here]” or “I’m sorry I just realized I have a work project due tonight so I can only say for half an hour.’

Turn it into a Threesome

Here’s a chance to bring one of your girlfriends in for the rescue. Have them call 30-40 minutes in and create a codeword so they know when to arrive.

Or, take it to the bathroom and give them all the details there and tell them you’ll by them drinks if they save you. When they show up, give your date a what can you do? smile and act normal. 

Play Matchmaker

Nothing lets your date know there’s no future together faster than offering to set him up with your girlfriend. So, let him know you have a friend who would be perfect match for him and get out of there fast.

Even if you don’t have anyone in mind you can tell him you will set them up later. If you really want to sound convincing, show him your friend on Facebook. After all, you’re just being honest and saving you both from wasting your time.

Use an app

This is similar to planting a phone call with the exception that you don’t need to rely on a friend. “Fake Call Advanced: Get A Call Anytime” is a new app that lets you get a timely fake call when you need it. You select the time your phone will ring, so he doesn’t a clue what’s going on. The phone calls you and the rest is up to you. Speak into the phone, improvise, make it up but try to not laugh.

Play Sick

He’s not going to know you’re faking it if you suddenly feel “nauseous” or if you insist that the appetizer you two just shared upset your sensitive stomach. Make it believable by excusing yourself to the bathroom and spending about 10 minutes in there. Once you return tell him you need to head home.

Develop an Allergy

“The dish was cooked in peanut oil? I’m allergic!” “Oh no, I can’t eat anything that has touched fish.” Rush out and say you need to find your Benedryl pen. He won’t know you so all you need to do is act surprised and concerned to make this believable