BK Chatter Ranks Best Fitness Instructors in NYC

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  • July 19, 2023
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By Scott Hyatt

Gyms throughout New York are slowly opening up, so it won’t be long before we get to see our favorite spin and fitness instructors.

New Yorkers love our fitness instructors – probably more than people in other cities. At the root, they are family to us. We miss them when they go on vacation and we feel close to them during our most difficult physical moments.

Of course, there are a lot of good instructors in NYC but there are a few that stand out. BK Chatter took an informal poll, asking our friends – who are the best instructors in all of Manhattan. We compiled this list of instructors and they all come from Equinox. No surprise there. Equinox gym stands alone when it comes to whipping us into shape.

Best Spin and Overall Best Fitness Instructor

Matthew Pasqua  is by far the best fitness instructor – Period. No one comes even close to what this guy does to you in spin class. My favorite class is his Wednesday 6:15pm or 7:15pm class on Park Avenue and 33rd Street. Matthew is an awesome spin instructor because he makes the class interactive and you never get bored.

Two weeks ago, he took us on a ride through Manhattan even though we never left class. It was his imagination that pushed our class through Union Square, Grand Central Terminal and back down Park Avenue. If you need to get into shape, look him up. I’ve already lost 10 pounds this year.

Best Core Conditioning Instructor

Jack McGowan runs his class like it’s a hybrid fitness class – part yoga, part cardio, part weights. He mixes all three of these different fitness areas, then sprinkles in the top music that you want to find on Spotify. You can’t find his music because this guy has some secret sauce that few other cardio instructors know.

But what makes Jack awesome is his ability to connect with his followers. He speaks to the class on a personal level, like you feel he is talking directly to you. Whether he is pushing or motivating you, his voice and tone makes you believe it was specifically said for you.

Most Inspiring Spin Class

Faith Murphy is a great spin instructor because she challenges you. It also helps that she is candy to the eye. She’s a gorgeous girl with an awesome body, and blonde hair that flies across her face even though she’s riding a bike in place. And am I the only one who hears the innuendo in class?

Okay, forget that. She also brings substance to her classes. Faith pushes you to do better, while her mix of music keeps the class interesting.

Best Core Conditioning Class

Sabrina Cohen is a fire full of energy and strength. If you take her Sunday morning “Cardio Sculpt” class and you’re hungover from Saturday night, she won’t give you a break. In fact, she’ll call you out in class and tell you that a hangover is no excuse to give up.

A few times, I thought she was going to kick a woman out of the class because she wasn’t giving 110 percent. Sabrina makes us feel pain. Of course, we don’t like it in the middle of class, but when it’s over, we want to say Thank You.

Most Driven Instructor

Chris Griffin takes his level two spin class seriously – from the team cycling uniform in class to his facial expressions to the way he challenges you to work harder. I’m almost expecting Chris to wear a helmet to class because he is so dedicated and passionate about spin. It rubs off on us whether we realize it or not. Chris is a great instructor for that guy or girl who needs an extra push, just make sure you are prepared and not hungover.

And for all of these instructors, you better bring your water bottle because you will need it. And if you decide to follow one of these instructors, just please don’t take my class. It’s already hard enough to get a spot with them, so we don’t need any more Type-A personalities trying to cram their way into my class.