Best Escapes from NYC – Under 2 Hour Drive

By Jon Davis

Piermont, New York, is a small town located on the west side of the Hudson River, just north of New York City. It is known for its beautiful views of the river, its quaint downtown, and its unique restaurants and shops.

Piermont is an excellent place to visit if you’re looking for a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Take a stroll down its winding streets and you’ll find yourself surrounded by charming homes and buildings, which add to the small-town feel of the place.

The area is also home to a variety of outdoor activities. Hike through the nearby Palisades Park or take a kayak along the river. If you’re feeling adventurous, take a boat ride around the lake or explore the nearby caves.

Or, if you’re feeling more relaxed, enjoy the view from Piermont Pier, an ideal spot for watching the sunset.

The downtown area is bustling with life. Check out the unique shops and restaurants that line the main street. There are also plenty of art galleries, antiques, and clothing stores to choose from. And, of course, if you’re looking for a bite to eat, there.

Shopping in Piermont, New York

Piermont, New York, is home to a variety of unique shops and restaurants. Visitors can find a range of unique clothing, jewelry, and antiques. There are also many art galleries, bookstores, and specialty stores. Popular restaurants include Italian, Mexican, and seafood eateries.

There are also a variety of cafes, pubs, and bars for a more laid-back evening. In addition, there is an abundance of outdoor activities, such as kayaking, boating, and hiking. Visitors can also take advantage of the nearby golf courses and take in the stunning views of the Hudson River.

Spring and Summer Festivals in Piermont, New York

Every year, Piermont, New York, hosts a variety of exciting festivals. In the spring, the town celebrates the arrival of warmer weather with the Piermont Arts & Music Festival. This event features live music, art, and food from local vendors.

During the summer, the town hosts the Piermont Summer Festival, which includes carnival rides, live entertainment, and delicious food. Finally, the town celebrates the fall season with the Piermont Harvest Festival. This event includes a farmers market, a craft fair, and a variety of family-friendly activities. Click here to see the calendar events page for Piermont, New York.