New Survey: Yankees vs Mets – Who do Brooklyn Fans Root for?

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  • May 11, 2022
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by Jon Davis

When it comes to baseball, which New York team has the heart of the locals? Now we know, thanks to an analysis of ticket sales from Vivid Seats.

Here are some of the findings from their infographic. 

Mets and Yankee Fan Analysis

*Queens and Bronx are the most solidly Mets/Yankees boroughs, with only one zip code in Queens and no zip codes in the Bronx buying for the opposing team.
*Manhattan was the most divided borough with a 52%/48% Mets/Yankees split.
*The Yankees/Mets fan split corresponds roughly to the proximity to their respective stadiums in Manhattan.
*There’s a group of Yankees fans in the middle of Brooklyn, surrounded by Mets fans

Check out the maps below for a closer look at where Mets and Yankees fans live. Does the team match with where you live in The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island?


Data is based on Vivid Seats ticket sales from 2013-2015 using orders from each zip code for both Yankees and Mets. The percentage of the total for each team is represented in a gradient on each map – the darker the color, the more heavily the zip code favored that team. White zip codes indicate closer percentages.

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