Best Places to go on a First Date

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  • May 11, 2022
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By Christian Balmaseda

Dating is stressful, but it’s even more stressful for that first date.

Where do you go? How much do you spend? Is the environment good for conversation, but not so quiet that you can hear each other’s thoughts?

Location is crucial for every first date. You have to strike the perfect balance between intimacy and spontaneity to keep your date intrigued. But where do you go? Here is a BK Chatter list of the top ten spots in the city that are intimate for conversation, but charged enough for electrical chemistry.

Cruise the Staten Island Ferry

Take a free romantic cruise with your date across the New York harbor. You might be skeptical at the thought of taking a ferry to Staten Island but it’s a great way to get to know each other after dinner. You can’t beat the breathtaking views of the city skyline, as you sail by the romantically lit Statue of Liberty and the Lower Manhattan skyline.

Biggest IMAX in the Nation

You probably didn’t know the biggest IMAX in the nation is located in our area. Sure, it’s been closed with COVID, but it is open again. You have to take the path to Jersey City but it turns an ordinary event into an adventure. The Dome Theater IMAX at Liberty Science Center takes your dating experience to the next level. While the Dome doesn’t show the most popular current flicks, it’s diverse selection of movies will impress your date.  After the film, you can get to know each other while taking a quick walk around the Science Center.

Walking the Highline

This elevated park in the Meatpacking District is like no other in the city.  The Highline was converted from a freight rail line to one of the most prominent spots in the city. Your stroll along the abandoned tracks, overlooking the Chelsea skyline, will surely put anyone in the mood for romance.

Explore Chelsea Market

After a quick stroll along the Highline, check out Chelsea Market for a wide array of dining options. The market brings some of the best cuisines from around the world to Chelsea.  Get to know each other’s tastes and preferences as you peruse the various stands and sample some of the foods before sitting down for a rich cup of gelato from L’Arte del Gelato.

Stroll the South Street Seaport

The east side pier is lined with shops and restaurants in original 19th century mercantile buildings with old-fashioned sailboats in the harbor.  There is a wide range of restaurants and bars for even the finicky eater. The seaport has a museum for history buffs.  The best time to go is on warm evenings when street performers fill the area with music, dance, and art.

Taste Test Foods at Eataly

Good food is a must if you expect a phone call the next day.  Mario Batali’s Italian mega-market promises fresh pasta, rich desserts, and delicious wines that will make you and your date think you’ve left Chelsea for the Tuscan countryside. And don’t assume Eataly is beyond your budget. Inside is a collection of restaurants suitable for any budget.

Get a Sugar High at Magnolia’s Bakery

You can’t go wrong with a dessert from one of the most famous bakeries in the city. These are homemade chocolate chip cookies that is nothing like your Gramma made. There are five locations throughout the city and they are all pretty easy to get to.

Dave & Buster’s

It’s time to be a kid again. Maybe your date is more of the sporty type.  For the date where fancy wines and rich pastries aren’t going to cut it- the best arcade in the city promises to satisfy your thirst for excitement.  After a couple of rounds of bowling, pool, and old-fashioned arcade games you and your date can grab a drink and watch the game in the sports bar.

Gotham Comedy Club

Every date wants to laugh. Don’t worry if you’re not funny. Let the professionals do the work. This comedy club hosts amateurs and celebrities alike- from Jerry Seingeld to Pablo Francisco. Ticket prices depend on the night and performer. The 212Access video below gives you a better idea of what you will see inside Gotham Comedy Club.