Creative Mother’s Day Gifts Created and Sold by Artists

By Jazmyn Gray

Having trouble finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Brooklyn Chatter has you covered with our 2021 Mother’s Day gift guide.

Etsy is a Brooklyn-based marketplace that boasts a huge collection of one-of-a-kind products made by independent sellers. A quick scroll through the global online marketplace and there’s no doubt you’ll find a collection of inexpensive, personal products that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Here are just a few of the unique deals we know your mother will love this Mother’s Day.

One-of-a-Kind Finds from Independent Sellers

  1. This dainty initial heart ring is sure to melt your mom’s heart. When it comes to Mother’s Day, you can never go wrong with jewelry. Personally, I’m impartial to rings because necklaces tend to give me (and my mom) headaches. This heart ring is great because it’s dainty enough that you can wear it — no matter the occasion — and cute enough that you’ll actually want to!

Buy it at Etsy for $19.87

2. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been wearing sweatpants to work for about a year now, and I have no plans to change that anytime soon. This super-soft and sustainable loungewear set will have your mom thanking you for helping her level up her Work-from-Home wardrobe.

Buy it at Etsy for $44

3. These linen overalls are ethically made and perfect for vaccinated girl summer. Your mom will love the loose fit and breathable material — I know I do! It’s classy, but it doesn’t say you’re trying too hard.

Buy it at Etsy for $93.60

4. This reusable birth flower tote bag is the perfect balance of sentimentality and practicality. Your mother will never have to buy a grocery bag again, and isn’t the line drawing too cute?

Buy it at Etsy for $12

5. These reusable lunch bags are adorable and unique! My mom actually has one of these and she loves it. A lunch bag like this might actually make your mom excited to return to the office.

Buy them at Etsy for $14.50

If my suggestions aren’t for you, that’s okay! I suggest checking out the complete Etsy Mother’s Day collection here.