Communities Paying New Yorkers to Relocate to their Cities

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  • March 18, 2021
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By Pascalle Farr

Are you tired of the New York hussle? Maybe you feel it’s time to move to somewhere else? Several cities are now offering New Yorkers up to $16,000 to relocate to their communities.

A new website,, has published an online directory that lists cities and governments offering relocation incentives.

MakeMyMove currently lists details on 37 relocation offers, comparing the different incentives offered by cities.

Baltimore, Maryland, will pay $5,000 toward the down payment on any new home. If you want to move farther South where it’s warmer, the Shoals in Alabama will give New Yorkers $10,000 in cash over the course of the year. However, there is a catch: you have to get accepted into its relocation program.

One of the biggest relocation offers comes from southwest Michigan area. New Yorkers who relocate to this part of Michigan can get a $15,000 forgivable grant, paid out over 3 years. The catch here: you need to buy a home in a specific zip code.

Some cities, like Las Vegas and San Juan, Puerto Rico, don’t give a specific dollar amount for their relocation. Instead, they talk about different amenities offered to new residents.

Remote Workers Wanted in these Cities

MakeMyMove says Tulsa is specifically going after remote workers. If you’re able to do your job from anywhere, Tulsa will pay you $10,000 to move to their City for a year. Statistics from the Tulsa Remote initiative shows 90 percent of people who move to Tulsa stay longer than the required 12-month commitment.

Before you jump on these offers, if you’re a long-term New Yorker, it might not be easy to move. Here’s an article from a woman who left New York City after moving here to pursue her dreams. Did she regret it?