Brooklyn-based, NPower, Announces Partnership for More Tech Jobs

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  • March 16, 2021
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The Brooklyn-based, NPower, and ConSol USA, Inc, have announced a strategic partnership that will bring more diversity and equity to the tech sector. It will also empower young adults and military veterans from underserved communities, including Brooklyn.

NPower is a Brooklyn-based nonprofit that provides free tech training programs to youth and military veterans from underserved communities. Anyone interested in applying to their free tech training programs can fill out an application here.

Students who enter their free, six-month program, earn industry-recognized certifications and graduate with the competencies of an IT professional. NPower’s free tech training programs operate virtually, but have campuses in Brooklyn, Harlem, Baltimore, Jersey City, Newark, Detroit, Dallas, St. Louis and San Jose.

How Partnership will Create Jobs

Under the partnership, ConSol USA will hire NPower graduates and match them with outsourced, full-time technology roles with top tier corporate clients.

Kim Mitchell, Vice President of Program Strategy for NPower, says this unique partnership will immediately help graduates apply their raw skills in professional tech positions.

“This partnership will help NPower alumni and recent graduates gain more hands-on experience and exposure for their newly acquired technology skills. These types of partnerships are important for NPower and our students since they offer alternative career and upskilling opportunities that will accelerate the career success of our students,” said Mitchell.

The CEO of ConSol USA, Robert Tibbs, says the partnership will allow ConSol to hire significant numbers of diverse talent.

“The partnership with NPower will bring jobs back to our communities,” said Tibbs. “Even more important, these new job opportunities will uplift young adults, people of color, veterans, and women who are ready to start long-term careers in technology.”

How Partnership Works with NPower and ConSol USA

NPower will become a key, principal talent partner for ConSol USA, creating employment opportunities for young adults and veterans who have the digital skills needed for the thriving tech sector.

ConSol USA will hire a minimum of 75 graduates from NPower’s suite of tech training programs in 2021. Starting next year, ConSol will double the number of hires from 75 to 150.

NPower graduates who secure an apprenticeship position will have the opportunity to receive a valuable DOL IT Generalist or Cybersecurity credential.