New Poll: New Yorkers Believe COVID Situation Getting Better

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  • March 5, 2021
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A new Gallup poll out today shows a majority of Americans (60 percent) now think the situation with the coronavirus is getting better. It’s a record level of optimism, and the highest number since the pandemic began one year ago.

The poll found 26 percent say it remains the same and only 14 percent think it is getting worse.

When Gallup first asked Americans for their opinion in April last year, 56 percent said it was improving, while 29 percent said it was getting worse. 15 percent said it was the same.

By mid-June, about four in ten Americans said the situation had improved, including 60 percent of New York City residents and 61 percent of Los Angeles residents.

When Will the Pandemic End?

More and more Americans say they expect the pandemic to last more than a year. At the end of August, when many states withdrew their plans to reopen, a solid majority believed the disruption would last through the rest of the year.

Roughly 1 in 2 Americans thought it would last until 2020, while 9 percent thought it would last a few months.

Americans “assessment of the likely duration of the disruption has shifted over the past year as the pandemic continues, with more than half (47%) saying it will last at least a few years, and less than half (47%) saying it will last longer.

More than twice as many Americans said they expect the outbreak to last as long this year (37 percent), reaching a majority for the first time in mid-August. But by the end of the year, when many states have withdrawn their plans to reopen and reopen, 50% predicted that the disruption would last until early next year or longer, compared with 39% last year.

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