Spring Cocktails You Should Try during Pandemic

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  • March 4, 2021
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By Jon Davis

We know your bar options are limited during the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t make fancy cocktails at home.

And we aren’t talking about rum and coke. We might be a little early for Spring, but maybe our early post of best spring cocktails will bring the season faster.

Here’s a list of the top 10 spring drinks you can order that will make you feel and look cool both on the inside and out.

Liquid Marijuana:

Feeling like getting refreshed and buzzed? This is the best drink to have! You can order it in shots (which I recommend) or as a cocktail. With 3 kinds of alcohol and pineapple juice, liquid marijuana will definitely make you enjoy a spring day.

Not many New Yorkers have heard of this drink, so it’s bound to ignite conversations with strangers. Order a liquid marijuana shot, and you’re even more likely to start answering the questions that were never asked.

Kiwi Mango Mint:

The name says it all. Exotic fruits mixed with mint. What else do you want? Kiwi mango mint is a glass of sunshine and freshness poured into a drink. The subtle vodka flavor makes you want to have one after another, atfer ‘nother…………after ‘other… after ‘brother.

Tequila Sunrise:

There’s NEVER a bad season to have tequila, but every bartender will tell you tequila mixes great with orange juice and grenadine in the spring. Girls love this drink, so if you feel like sending a girl a drink, send her a tequila sunrise. Am I wrong girls?

April Fools:

No joke, this is the drink for your sweet tooth. Many insecure guys will call it a “girly drink” but those men who are bold enough to try will tell you, it’s electrifying. With sour apple schnapps and a lemonade twist, April fools cools your body and makes you enjoy a nice spring day.


This is more of a dinner drink, as opposed to a drink at a bar or club. Sangria is a powerful aphrodisiac and it’s not just a drink for older people. The red wine and exotic fruit mix will increase your appetite, and we’re not talking about food.

Strawberry Coconut Daiquiri:

Yes, it’s a girly drink, but it tastes good. The passionate fruits fused into the drink will wake up even the most boring person. Girls look sexy and sophisticated, guys not so much. However, do what I do when I order it: use it as a conversation starter with the girls, and if you hold the glass just right, you just might get a number.


The margarita is the classiest of the tequila drinks. The triple sec and lime juice will replenish your body during a hot spring day. Many New Yorkers might imagine sipping a margarita in Cancun, but this classic drink is great even at the most trendy of clubs. If you’re a guy who is a little insecure that your small hands won’t fit all the way around the glass, don’t worry. Ask the bartender to serve the margarita in a highball glass.

Cuban Mojito:

This invigorating Cuban creation, personally, is the most soothing drink to have on a hot spring day. Apart from being a very sexy drink (ask anyone), the Cuban mojito makes you feel refreshed after having just one sip. The mix of rum, sugar, lime, mint and club soda makes you feel even better than when your girlfriend told you she wasn’t pregnant. The mojito is also a great way to socialize and flirt with the latino crowd at the bar.

Long Island Iced Tea:

For all those who like adventure, the long island iced tea is the drink for you. And don’t worry, you won’t look like a guido from Long Beach by ordering this drink. With its icy cold glass and more than 4 different types of alcohol, the long island iced tea will definitely relax you and make you want to go party. It also loosens you up to talk to the guy/girl you like across the bar.


Yes I know, I’m boring. However, it’s very important to keep hydrated during spring. Most people forget to drink water during spring days because they are outside having fun, but remember that your body needs to keep hydrated.

When you are out at bars and clubs having a blast remember that after every two drinks it’s recommended to drink a glass of water, don’t worry it won’t kill your buzz, but it will definitely prevent a hangover.Well there you have it!

A list of drinks that are IN during spring. Guys: don’t be afraid to try fruity drinks, it doesn’t make you look less of a man. Girls: HAVE FUN!