Tired of COVID? Time to Change the Narrative

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  • March 2, 2021
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By Kimberly Jenkins

I’m a very spiritual person yet I am not one to badger others with my beliefs. I just ask you believe in something. Faith will strengthen, empower and sustain you, especially in these difficult times of COVID.

I have seen so much in my lifetime yet I truly believe the best is yet to come. I know the present times are hard but a new day is dawning. 

If nothing I say resonates with you, remember this: we each control our own destiny. Life may not go the way we plan but if you change the narrative, you will change your life. The ways of yesteryear are gone. 

I am hearing impaired and after a lengthy career in Telecommunications, I have dedicated my life to nurturing my son’s talents and fostering his growth. I strive to be a leader by example and bridge the divide. To help the voiceless be HEARD.

Tap into our Souls and Let the Beauty Emerge

To listen to the whispers and answer our callings; To make a difference daily starting in our own lives. Declutter-literally and figuratively. When we are mired in chaos it affects everything. 

As the days turned into weeks then months and we are approaching a year of our “New Normal” I have learned to focus on the good, block out the bad and to navigate through the unknown. 

I am on a journey. I am stepping out of my comfort zones and living each day on purpose. This is the time where I lean on my faith to sustain me. 

This time in history will be one for the ages. Physically and mentally we must try to keep it all together. It’s exhausting. Yet changing the narrative and just the way we look at EVERYTHING is a brave first step on the road to a brand new life.

I never said it would be easy but I KNOW it will be worth it!