A look at the Foreign Soul and what she said to me

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  • February 22, 2021
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By Jon Davis

Can you look into someone’s eyes and see her soul? I have wondered that many times as I have lost myself in strangers’ eyes.

Yesterday was no different. I met a foreigner who spoke another language, worshipped another God, ate different food, yet somehow we were connected.

When she walked into the room, I caught myself catching her presence. Our eyes made contact as she committed to the table next to me.

We talked about life in her land, customs in her home, faith in her God. I found myself wandering into her eyes, feeling a familiar spirit. I wanted to go deeper, and learn more. What would she say about her childhood, her faith, and belief in what was yet to come.

I asked her for permission to pry. She consented.

What our stories reveal to others

Her first story she shared with me involved the spiritual side. How ironic, I thought, for that story is all too familiar. My first belief was confirmed. Her story of utmost importance, the one she chose to share first, was something I had also experienced.

I don’t believe in previous lives, but I am still dumbfounded how we as people can connect instantaneously with certain souls. What is behind the familiar aura that allows us to feel safe and warm?

I tried to find the answer as I listened to her words. I looked as deep as I could go into her eyes for some sort of confirmation that we were familiar spirits.

It was an intimate moment that involved no intimacy. To me, it was bliss without touch.

The thought of never seeing this woman saddens me for we still had so much more to learn from each other. I’d like to believe destiny will bring us back to the table where we first met, however I know destiny has its own clock and it is rarely in sync with our own.

Perhaps this moment was one of confirmation. While we cannot grasp and touch the spiritual world, we can grasp and touch a spiritual side within ourselves and others. And while I may never again look into those familiar hazel eyes, I try to take some relief in knowing for seven hours, I looked into a foreigner’s soul and discovered myself.