Study: Much of the World Wants to Live Like a New Yorker

How does one live like a New Yorker? More importantly, why is everyone so jealous of how we live?

COVID might be sending some New Yorkers out to the suburbs, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world is done envying of our way of living.

Anyone who has lived in New York will tell you NYC is largely driven by sex, alcohol, power and money. Even during COVID, people are drinking and shacking up. The study out of the University of Canterbury in New Zealand found most people envy that lifestyle and even prefer sex and alcohol to kids. 

The rest of the country might criticize New Yorkers for being secular, Godless, boozers, but maybe they are just jealous.

A Closer Look at the Study on Secular Living

The author of the study used text messages to collect data on people during the day, then assessed how it made them feel.

When people were taking care of their kids, guess what: they weren’t feeling too happy. And when they were at church? Most people also didn’t score themselves on the “high” happy meter.

Of course, everything changed when people were in bed with liquor in their blood. That’s when the survey found people were happiest and felt the best. This is a probably good place to advertise for Trojans.

So what’s our assessment on this study?

How do you feel in the morning when you wake up on Sunday with a raging hangover that keeps you out of commission for the entire day?

The pollsters should have questioned the survey participants after the lovely moments that ignited bliss. Did they feel guilty or like they were missing something in life? 

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