COVID-19 Tests Now Sold at Vending Machines in NYC

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  • February 10, 2021
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By Ivan Sotos

New Yorkers can now buy a COVID-19 test at a vending machine.

The black-and-white touchless machines are available in Midtown’s Herald Square at 225 West 34th Street. The company behind the vending machines, Wellness 4 Humanity, says they will be bringing more vending machines to other locations around NYC, including subway stations, grocery stores, and hotels.

Here is a little more info on how they work and how much they cost. The saliva test – At-Home RT-PCR Test, uses a prepaid FedEx shipping label that provides 99 percent accuracy in 24-48 hours. The test is $119.

The company says the nasal swab test, TRUSTPASS Rapid Antigen At-Home Test Kit, provides 97.4 percent accuracy, in just 15 minutes. The company hasn’t said when these nasal swab tests will be available.

Which COVID-19 Test Should I Take?

The Wellness 4 Humanity website provides users with a quick quiz to determine which is the best test for them. 

All of the vending machines display QR codes that consumers can scan from their phone to download the TRUSTPASS app. It’s a contactless system. Once consumers download the app, they will be able to choose which test they want as well as what mobile payment method you wish to use. 

Taking the COVID 19 Test at Home

There are video tutorials on their website to guide consumers through the at-home test. The TRUSTPASS app allows consumers to easily track the status of their test in addition to notifying when their results are ready.

These tests are helpful for people in a time crunch since test results are delivered faster than tests provided by hospitals and health clinics. The Wellness 4 Humanity vending machine tests are cheaper than current market rates with home test kits ranging from $129-$149.  

Wellness 4 Humanity also offers in-person testing in their three floor facility. Those tests come with comprehensive testing with rapid antigen, rapid antibody, and four types of RT-PCR tests to align with your unique medical needs. 

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