New Research: Promiscuity can Steal your Happiness

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  • February 10, 2021
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By John Prett

New York City is full of promiscuity, but a new study suggests that taking advantage of those opportunities may be stealing your happiness.

Many New Yorkers can relate to that empty morning walk of shame. Turns out – that depressing morning state may be long lasting.

A new study, titled Premarital Sex in America, details how the more partners a person has in life, the higher the likelihood that he or she will be depressed. This emotional impacts women more than men.

New Study – The More Sex Partners, The More Depressed

According to the study authors, the emotional happiness of women is tied to sexual stability — which may explain why overall happiness with women has fallen since the sexual revolution.

The overall conclusion of the study is that women seem to be more aversely impacted by having multiple sex partners than men. The study’s authors discovered that women who had 2 or fewer sexual partners over the course of their life tend to be happiest.

As most people in NYC will tell you… hahaha.. that is hilarious. Good luck finding a male or female with only a couple of partners.

So what does all of this mean? If you are young or naive, think twice about how much you like the person before you jump in the sack. Actions have consequences.

If you are older or experienced, there is always xanax. You can read or even buy the study Premarital Sex in America by clicking here.