4 Ways To Fake It – Without Getting Caught

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  • February 1, 2021
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By Stephanie Rios

Let’s be honest here. Women know how to fake it when it serves their purpose. Men might know more about sports, but when it comes to social sports, women are champions.

It’s a stereotype, but most women don’t like to watch baseball. Sure, some women like the sport but the majority of us would rather be sporting a Louis while shopping than than sitting down for three hours at a baseball game.

But everything changes when a cute guy asks if you want to go to a baseball game.

“I love the Yankees, are you kidding?”

Here’s how I faked my way through the game without getting caught. These tips apply to other areas if you stick with the tactics.

Rule # 1 – Learn the Art of Small Talk

You need to learn some small talk about baseball if you’re going to watch the Yankees game on a date. So many people say, “I love the Yankees” but then can only name Derek Jeter and A-Rod. Guess what – they retired years ago.

You need to know at least a few other players to fake you’re way through. Do some homework before the game on the players and which positions they play.

Rule #2 – Get a Go-To Phrase

If you want to fake it, you need a few go-to phrases. You don’t have to go in-depth. In my case, I picked a favorite player that I liked. That was my “go-to” phrase.

But more important, have a reason for choosing this favorite go-to phrase or player. Maybe you like a skill or talent the players have, or you like their character.  

If you need to fake it with art, the same game applies. Find an artist you like and find your go-to phrase on why you like him or her.

Rule #3 – Learn the Leadership Positions

You don’t want to be caught not knowing the obvious. If you have to fake your way through a baseball game, like I did, I learned the players on first, second and third base. It helps if you know who is pitching and catching that night too.

This rule of faking applies to your area too. Again, if you’re faking that you love art, or maybe you love cars – you should know who are the leaders in that industry. With cars, find a few phrases to talk about Elon Musk and Telsa. With art, pick an artist. If you don’t have one, read up on Banksy.

#4 – Get some Talking Points

Baseball games can be long, which means you better have some talking material ready. If it’s a first date at Yankee Stadium, you’ll make it to the third inning before you will need to start thinking of some non-weather-related material.

Here are some talking points that helped me make it to 9.

  • Which position would you want to play?
  • How would you spend $33 million dollars a year if you were A-Rod?
  • Would you rather take-over a winning Yankees championship team or a losing Mets team where expectations are low?
  • Why doesn’t baseball have cheerleaders?
  • What would Babe Ruth think of the game today?

If you’re headed to an art opening or car show, and you need to fake it, come up with some questions to pull you through the quiet moments. You will be more prepared if you have questions in your pocket and let the other person do the talking.

Because you can’t get caught if you’re not talking. 🙂

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