Top 10 Bedroom Mistakes – From a Woman’s POV

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  • January 19, 2021
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By Stacy Liberatore

As women, our bedroom is a closed door. We don’t share our secrets with the world on the Internet, but the sisterhood does talk to each other about what you did right and wrong.

Don’t worry guys. Even the most experienced men will fumble in the bedroom from time to time.  There is always room for improvement. 

Here is top-10 list of the biggest mistakes you can make in the bedroom – moves that will surely get giggles when you’re not around.

Top 10 Bedroom Mistakes

Stamp of Approval: This isn’t a game of “mother may I”.  If you’ve been with her for awhile, you should know her body like that back of your hand.  Just take the reins and go with it. If she doesn’t like anything you do, trust me, she will tell you.

Predictability: “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” does not apply in the bedroom. We don’t want to be your reliable car. Routine and predictability is great for the road, but not for the sideshow.  We love surprises! Remember, this is playtime, not work.

Passion, Passion, and more Passion: Sex without passion is like an unsharpened pencil- there’s no point. For most women, sex can never really be “just sex.” I’m not saying it has to be candles and rose petals every time, but you should put effort to create intimacy every time.

Never assume: You know what happens when you assume?  Well, in this case it would only be making an ass out of you.  Every woman is different; we all have different likes and dislikes, we respond differently to each moment. What curled the toes of one girl, might put the next one to sleep. So don’t assume what worked on an ex will work on the next.

Dirty Talk: We are not one of the girls you call late at night when you can’t sleep.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but few women actually like dirty talk.  Most of us are too shy and don’t want to sound weird or embarrass ourselves, so save it for the 900 numbers.

No Hammers Needed: This isn’t a work zone, women shouldn’t need a hardhat.  We love the fact you want to go wild, but pounding a nail is dangerous to the fingers. Mix it up; keep a rhythm but not at a sprint pace.

Pucker-up: As shocking as it sounds, most men don’t kiss while they’re getting busy.  Most women need to lock lips a few times to feel that connection. Don’t be afraid to pucker up in moments of passion.

You wore it. You store it: Condom disposal is all on you.  She’s not your maid, so don’t leave your trash behind.

Are you cold:  Would it be weird if I wore gloves during sex?  It’s no different than wearing socks in bed.  There’s nothing more unattractive and awkward looking than a naked man with socks on. Take them off.

Women are only porn stars in your dreams: If you’re looking for Jenna Haze, you should go back to the computer. Not sure if you know, but that porn is time-lapsed. It doesn’t happen in 5-seconds like that. And it might look hot at home, but no woman wants to do extra laundry at the end of the week.