Get A Bigger Apartment Through These Design Tips

There’s no need to move out of Brooklyn anymore. Interior decorator Carmen Alonso says New Yorkers can use a few design tips to make it look like their apartments look bigger.

Here are some of her interior design tips she gives clients who want to expand their space.

Design Tip #1 – Use Mirrors: Alonso says mirrors are your best friend because they instantly give the appearance of a larger space. She says they’re functional, timeless, and can blend with any style. She says mirrors can help reflect light into dark spaces and create the illusion that there are more rooms.

Design Tip #2 – Remove Closet Doors: If possible, Alonso recommends removing closet doors and replacing them with curtains. She says this makes your space look more open and it brings a sense of flair.

Design Tip #3 – Buy Multifunctional Furniture: Alonso says never buy furniture that doesn’t have at least two uses. A small desk should also turn into a cozy dining table or an ottoman should have hidden storage.

Design Tip #4 – Use Light Colors to Paint a Room: “Light colors recede and reflect light.” And Alonso says that extra light will make your home feel bigger. If you’re short on cash, Alonso says to make sure you ask for discontinued or discounted paint at the hardware store. There’s little difference in the color and if you use the paint immediately, no one will notice.

Design Tip #5 – Declutter: Keep your apartment clutter free by organizing and cleaning. This gives your apartment a look of openness and serenity. If you can’t store something, put it into neat piles.

Design Tip #6 – Select your Wall, and Décor Wisely: Be careful of what you hang on your walls because it can give the illusion of having a smaller room. If you love your family pictures, think of placing the frames on a mantle or even your nightstand.

Design Tip #7 – Lighting: Having a lot of lights in your apartment can make any small apartment instantly bigger. It also makes your home seem warm and friendly.

Design Tip #8 – Your Furniture should Fit: Make sure your furniture fits in your apartment. Remember, big pieces fit in larger spaces while small pieces fit in smaller spaces. If you live in a small place, buying big furniture will make your apartment look even smaller. So, before going to the store, write down the measurements of the room so you know what to look for when you go shopping.

And if none of this stuff works, you can always move to Staten Island where space is plenty.

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