Brooklyn Advice: A Look Into What That Tattoo Says about Her

Yoga exposes parts of your body that you wouldn’t normally show to the public. I’ve been taking yoga for 6 months now and I have noticed a discernible trend among these avid yoga fans. They all seem to have tattoos in places the public would never see. Here is a look into what that tattoo says about her.

I didn’t think much of these tattoos at first, but I realized this week that nearly every person in every class — male or female — has a tattoo of some sort. I’m not sure if it’s the free-spirit that inspired the tattoo or the need for therapy that led them to yoga.

In the downward-facing dog pose, I saw a woman on my left with a tattoo on her right ankle. In the tree pose, I noticed a tattoo on the big toe of the woman to my right. Weaving into the vine, I spotted another girl with a tattoo on her neck, hidden to others by her hair. The guy next to her had a dragon tattoo on his shoulder.

It didn’t matter which day or where I spotted my mat. Every class revealed new tattoos in even more absurd positions. Two weeks ago, I saw a woman with a tattoo behind her ear.

This tattoo fascination hit home on Monday night when I discovered a small heart underneath the left wrist of the woman next to me. She was a pretty blonde, and no one would suspect she would be the type of girl to get a tat. In fact, as I breathed quietly in my yoga mind-state, I began to wonder why this pretty woman would have gotten a small heart tattoo on her wrist.

What was she thinking when she requested it? Who was the inspiration? Why did she want to make a permanent statement? Was the motivation for the heart still applicable today?

I’m liberal by any standards, but I do believe tattoos cheapen a girl’s value. Women may not know this but guys look for tattoos on girls because we know it reveals a little bit about their wild streak.

Some tattoos scream daddy issues while others in the lower back have already been given the promiscuous urban name — “tramp stamp.” This is the girl you want to approach at 2am.

I started thinking about the girls I have dated throughout my life. It was a long journey, but I had time on my long walk home after yoga. I realized that I have never dated a girl with a tattoo.

A few women with tattoos told me it is something to be revealed in intimate moments. Perhaps, but what is the hidden message they are sending?

I decided to research what tattoos and their placements mean. It was like an onion — every page revealed a new analysis on the mindset behind her action. Here is a breakdown of what the various tattoos and their positions mean. If you’re lucky enough to see some of these at the bar at the end of the night, you may want to make a bolt for the door (or perhaps her), depending on what you are looking for.

What That Tattoo Says About Her 

  • Chinese Symbols
  • Art all over the Arms
  • Dolphin Tattoo on the Calf
  • Heart Tattoo on the Wrist
  • Lower Back Tattoos

Lower Back Tattoo

This is the tattoo that strategically sits above the thong. There is a reason why guys have given these tattoos the name “tramp stamp.” Watch any porn and you will see the star of the show has her tat in plain view during the action. If you’re looking for a woman with a wild streak, you might get some attention with her. But you may not see it until you’re in the bedroom.

Tattoos with Chinese Symbols

This may be one of the easiest tattoos to read because the woman (or man) asked what this meant and then purposely got this tattoo based on the message she was given. So if you’re trying to figure out what this tattoo means on a woman, just come out straight and ask her. If you want to be sly, remember the symbol in the back of your brain then google the image later and see what it means. Since you can’t exactly google a symbol, type in these keywords “meaning of chinese symbols.”

Star Tattoos

 The sociologist I spoke with says a star tattoo on the arm or wrist is likely a free spirit who likes to have fun. Some star tattoos, however, have religious meaning. The pentagram or 5-point star pointing up represents the nautical star and is linked to goodness when pointed up. But when this same star is pointed down, it has the intention of attracting or projecting evil, according to astrologers. While you can’t classify every woman and tattoo on the same arm, this tattoo could suggest she knows where to look when she feels lost.

Neck Tattoos

Rihanna and Angelina Jolie both have a tattoo on their necks. In the case with Rihanna, this tattoo placement was easy to read because she told reporters about it. Her neck tattoo reads “rebelle fleur”, which translates to rebellious flower. So, she sees herself as a rebellious flower, or at least that’s what she wants to project. Rihanna also told Ellen that she has 13 tattoos and they all mean something (for those questioning the substance or value of this article), including one that reads, “never a failure, always a lesson.” The position on the neck has value because it is a sign of vulnerability. Think about it. What does a dog do before he surrenders? He turns his neck up to the alpha male dog in a way of showing his submission. A tattoo on the neck can suggest submission behind the message of the tattoo.

Tattoo Art on the Arms

At their root, tattoos are about destroying the body. While no tattoo can perfectly describe every person, sociologists agree an arm or body covered in tattoos is subconsciously trying to destroy his body. Experts say there is a reason why many inmates leave jail or even the military with tattoo art. They experienced a time in their life that took a toll on their inner mind and here is a way of expressing or releasing that pain.

Dolphin Tattoos

Sociologists say dolphins are a phallic symbol in dreams. They’re also a phallic symbol in real life, so if you see a woman with any dolphin tat, she may not realize it but she’s telling you what she subconsciously is looking for.

Heart Tattoos on the Wrist

I spoke with a sociologist and she explained this tattoo and strategic placement could suggest the woman wears her heart on her sleeve. This is the woman who likely falls quickly in love, but the sociologist was quick to say it comes with many subjective situations. First off: if she got the tattoo when she was young, she may have worn her heart on her sleeve and fell in love, but once it was broken, her views may have changed. Unfortunately, the tattoo didn’t evolve with her.

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