BK Fitness: 4 Fun New Year’s Resolutions Workouts for 2021

Hitting the gym is the number 1 resolution for New Yorkers, but who has time for those boring gym routines. Trainers will tell you people who have fun with their workouts are more likely to stick with their New Year’s resolutions workouts. Here are four fun, new ways to keep your workouts interesting in 2021, so your resolution will last longer than two weeks.

Go to the Night Club

It’s not exactly Tenjune in Meatpacking, but Crunch is offering a workout called “2Fly.” Gym rats describe this class as a dance-inspired workout to 90s dance music. In these classes, instructors make you move to house party music, which is a lot more fun than running on that gerbil wheel. The Running Man, Robo-Cop and Baller Drop are a few of the dance moves you will learn in this class. The video below shows you how it works.

High-Intensity Interval Training

Many gyms are now promising 32-minute workouts for people who are short on time, which is pretty much every New Yorker. These so-called “high intensity” exercise regimens provide short, intense workouts so you don’t need to spend an hour on the treadmill. The success with these classes lies in the rapid boost to the heart rate. Nearly every NYC gym offers these classes.

Pole Dancing

These classes aren’t exactly new, but they still provide a fun, entertaining workout, making it worth a reminder. Pole dancing classes help nearly every muscle in your body with their isometric and isotonic workouts (strength and resistance training). In these classes, the biceps and triceps are continually put to use. Instructors also say it is great for getting your butt and thighs in shape. See how it works at a New York gym below!

Losing Weight by Sitting Down

Sitting in a sauna is not a long-term routine for losing weight but 30-minutes in the hot steam room can help you lose weight in the short term. Of course, it’s all water weight, but if you are headed to a wedding and need to fit into that new dress or suit, this quick fix can help you lose weight in less than an hour. Just keep in mind that your heart is the only muscle working out in the sauna, so it’s not helping you burn calories. The heat, however, is helping your body get rid of those toxins, so it’s not a complete waste of time.

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